Weather in Vietnam

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Weather in Vietnam

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Climate of Vietnam

Are you going to visit Vietnam and are you thinking about knowing the weather you will find once there? ( Remember about: e visa Vietnam ) Vietnam is a country with 2 seasons, one of the hottest that is also characterized by rains and a dry season, with colder temperatures. The weather also depends upon the area of the country you are going to travel, north, central or southern Vietnam.

Broadly speaking, Vietnamis a tropical place. It has comparatively very hot temperatures all year long. The average annual temperature is 26ºC with an average rainfall of 1561 mm. In case you are thinking about touring Vietnam, this article will further explain the best time to visit according to the timeframe you are interested in.

From December to February

They are the coldest months of the year. In the Sapa area, it can reach a minimum of 0ºC, and in cities such as Hanoi, you can get below 10ºC. Even so, the typical temperatures in the north of the country range from 16ºC from December to February.
Rains over these months of the year are very unlikely. From January to April, it is high season in Vietnam, so prices tend to be higher than during the rest of the months of the year. Besides, at the end of the year, it coincides with the Christmas holidays for Europeans and Americans, so there is usually more arrival of travelers and prices increase.
Nonetheless, in case you are thinking about traveling to Vietnam during this time period, you can also find discounted prices.

March and April

Temperatures in March and April begin to soften in northern Vietnam. The average temperature in the capital city, Hanoi, is 22ºC over these two months. March and April are dry months, usually, being the very last two months before the time of the monsoon arrives in Vietnam.

May and June

During these months, temperatures surge, and the summer season begins in northern Vietnam. The rainy period also takes place, although they are usually short-term rain fall.
If you would like to enjoy Sapa, this is the best time to do it. Throughout May and June, rainfall is unlikely. It coincides with the flowering of the crops of the region. Thus, the landscapes become remarkably beautiful. It is a great time to practice any activity in Sapa, such as trekking, hiking or even excursions.

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July and August

They are the hottest two months of the year, with temperatures that may go beyond 33ºC in Hanoi. They are also the two months with the greatest probability of rainfall.
Make the most of the rainy moments to visit the countless temples in the area. From July to September, it is very low tourist season in Vietnam. Therefore, prices are lower, and you are more likely to find good deals.

September to November

The temperatures from September to November in northern Vietnam are nice, with significantly less heat than in past months. In October, the average temperature is 25.2ºC.
During these months, rainfall is abundant. Although, from October they reduce considerably and in November the chances of rain are very low.
So, when do you consider the appropriate time to go to Vietnam? Tell us in the comment below?

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