Cambodia visa application

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Cambodia visa application

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Going to Cambodia – visa requirements

Going to Cambodia?

If Southeast Asia is your vacation spot, then heading to Cambodia is definitely on your list. With a number of tourist attractions from attractive panoramas to sacred temples, it offers something to all. Since Cambodia do require their visitors to have a valid visa if entering the country, they have made the whole process of visa application very simple and straightforward for holidaymakers. Despite the fact that residents of most places are permitted to apply online for a visa for Cambodia, it is always a good option to confirm whether your place is within that list.

Your visa to Cambodia

In the year 2006 the Cambodian government introduced the online service to enable visitors to make application for their own visa to Cambodia on the web. An e Visa is a travel authorization that is applied for on the web and sent digitally to visa applicants. An e Visa to Cambodia allows travellers to stay in Cambodia for a maximum of thirty straight days with a single entry visa in to the country. Once the first 30 days have expired as well as the visitor would like to stay for a longer time, tourists are allowed to go to the immigration headquarters and have your visa for Cambodia extended for another
thirty days. This can however just be extended once.

Travellers intending on going to Cambodia for a casual trip to relatives or friends, tourism, medical treatments, recreation or simply just casual business trips, can apply for their own e Visa to Cambodia over the internet.

A limit to an e Visa to Cambodia is not all checkpoints do support e Visas, so make sure you confirm with your point of entry into the place regardless of whether you will be able to enter on your e Visa to Cambodia at that entry way.

It is also suggested that you have a copy of your visa always together with you.

Prerequisites for evisas

Before you apply on the web for the visa Cambodia, it is a wise decision to check the listing of required records to help keep the process easy and simple.

When preparing to visit Cambodia, the traveller is needed to have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the time of arrival in Cambodia, to be able to make application for a Cambodian evisa. The passport should have no less than one blank visa page.

A very clear passport photograph is also necessary whenever completing the online application. A requirement of these pictures is that nothing covering your facial features is allowed unless you are bound so by religion.These pictures should have a white-colored background and display the applicant with a full facial displaying the entire face from the crown of the head to the chin. No glasses or caps are allowed.

The procedure also requires that the visitor has a functional email address. A way of creating an online payment is another necessity to finalize your application.

Application waiting period

The would-betraveller is advised to submit an application on the web for their e Visa to Cambodia at least four days just before departure to make certain that the document is accredited and processed quickly. If you would rather not wait till the last minute to apply , it’s good to find out that when the e Visa to Cambodia has been issued, it’s legal for three months from the time of issue. Applicants will keep updated on the progress of their application via electronic mail. If you have obtained you e Visa, you need to print at least two copies of your own visa. This will be stamped along with your passport by immigration services in Cambodia.

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