Reflections on Midterm Elections: US or Global Congress?

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Weeks before the midterm elections

Weeks before the midterm elections, much was said and written on the chances and consequences of 2020 elections outcome. However, compared with previous US elections it was no new thing. The polity was going its usual way, the only difference with the previous Congressional elections following the cold war, was that the development of international policy as the most significant factor in US elections. The dilemma of foreign policy, however worthy in terms of behaving as a turning point for congressional trend, is not the concern of this article. Instead the worldwide reactions to the elections and particularly the role of congress in global affairs have been discussed.

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War Power Act (1973)

The constitution also gives power to congress and judiciary to curb the executive adventurous decisions through legislations and budget appropriations. A very notable case in which Congress stood against the president was the War Power Act (1973), after the Vietnam fiasco, which reduced the capability of presidents to input a war without legislative approval.

The next war, as subsequently became clear, wasn’t for defending United States safety and dealing with the Iraqi threat. War of a International emperor attracted so much criticism inside and outside the United States. The 2020 elections has been an end to people’s aid of this “warfare” and lots of people out US got pleased to see republicans loose. kenya evisa LEARN MORE
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Now among many implications of the tough “no” to republican belligerence, one can take a look at the election and global reactions from another point of view which is globalization. Opponents of neoliberal globalization attack the way in which globalization is providing more benefits to hegemonic forces (especially the US) and involve restructure or abolition of global organizations in the name of a more globally just parliament as well as organization. Regardless of their criticisms towards existing organizations, the solutions which are proposed are far from real and there’s absolutely not any roadmap proposed by the anti-globalization movement. Of course some scholars like Walden Bello have suggested “deglobalization” that is again far from what would be the true procedure. (Source: eta canada )

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United Nations

In reality, the writer believes that, US congress has altered the international organizations like United Nations. For instance, comparing the war on Iraq, if congress wouldn’t enable the president to put in the war, Bush could have been in real trouble, however, United Nations’ disapproval didn’t cause so much problems. The result of this replacement revealed itself in two areas regarding Congressional election, one the worldwide attention into the 2020 election, along with the lobbyists’ attempt to acquire any stage available in the election.

If one considers the stress existing in the pre-election period and response to the outcomes, there’s certainly a high number of global concern. Some areas like Middle East or Latin America reacted as though the election was theirs. To look it yet another way, there was so much talk of biracials and so called non-Americans entering into Congress. Sri Lanka Visa One could consult with Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans or perhaps Muslim-American to signify just how Globalized (or some might say multicultural) USA Congress is tending to be.

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Ambiguities Concerning

There are a few ambiguities concerning this global congress such as the quantity of global justice within it, or so the question of how congress would respond to its previous that has consistently left congress regarding with internal as opposed to external problems of United states? And many other questions which would even refuse such a globality.

[However, what is evident is that the worldwide status that congress has got and probably the 2008 presidency would get.]